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McKee's Mobile Mechanic Cedar City
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Based in Cedar City, Utah, McKee Mobile is ready to come straight to your location for your Auto Repair needs!



Serving Cedar City's Auto Repair Needs

    McKee's Mobile is fully equipped to come directly to your location for your Auto Repair needs!

Based out of Cedar City


   Hourly Rate: $50. One Hour Minimum Rate.





Open 24 Hours/ Day


About McKee's Mobile Mechanic


    McKee's Mobile Mechanic is among the most Cost Effective, Quality Driven, and Convenient Automotive Repair Technician/ Mechanic Companies in Cedar City, Utah.


Cost Effectiveness

   Our Hourly Rate of $50 is one of the lowest hourly rates for auto repair in Cedar City, Utah.


     Our minimum rate is the one hour $50. 


     To diagnose a vehicle, or to perform a full vehicle inspection, we charge only for the first hour- after that, all diagnostic work is free of charge.


     Travel Fee: Depends on your proximity to Cedar City, Utah. Inquire by text or call at



     All auto repair parts are offered at my cost with no mark-up. If you wish, you may pick up your needed auto repair parts yourself; but we provide them with no mark-up, meaning no extra cost to you when we do it for you.


     Since we have no shop costs to pay, our overhead is dramatically reduced, which is what allows us to charge so much less than the usual Auto Repair Shop. While there are still plenty of things that will be better done in an Auto Repair Shop on a Lift, about 80% of all Auto Repairs do not require a Lift and are easily done at your location with our fully loaded service utility tool trucks.


     Quality Driven

     Being a Mobile Auto Mechanic means we have lowered our Overhead Cost involved with a shop. We have not; however, lowered our employee's salary or the quality of our equipment. In fact, we are able to maintain a higher standard for our equipment due to our lower overhead costs!


     We have one of the most competitive vehicle service and parts warranties on the market. 


     All Auto Repair Parts and Services we provide come with a 12 Month/ 12,000 Mile Warranty.



     We are open 24 Hours! Whether you are broken down at 1:00 AM, or are simply too busy during normal working hours to take your vehicle to a typical Auto Repair Shop, McKee's Mobile Mechanic is ready to give you assistance whenever and wherever you need it.


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    Serving Southern Utah's Auto Repair Needs

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