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Based in Cedar City, Utah, McKee Mobile is ready to come straight to your location for your Auto Repair needs!



Spark Plugs and Ignition Coils in Cedar City Utah

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Must Have Fire!

Your vehicle's engine depends upon your spark plugs to fire up and run! Part of being the best mobile mechanic in Cedar City is having the ability to quickly determine whether your vehicle's spark plugs are working efficiently or are in need of replacement. With spark plugs, which are very easy to replace, it is good to remember that a stitch in time saves nine! It is far better and vastly more affordable to prevent a problem now than to fix one later. 



How does the energy from my battery make its way to the engine? If you are like most Americans, you too have spent many sleepless nights pondering over this very question. Well, prepare yourself for the answer to your great quandary, for we at McKee Mobile have the answer!

The power which is sent out from your battery is at a very low voltage and is dependent upon the ignition coil to make it into a higher voltage. This higher voltage is then sent to the spark plugs where the high voltage is used to jump the small gap between the spark plugs. The spark plugs, in turn, generates a spark which sets of the constant set of minor explosions inside the engine. The explosion is what activates the burning of gasoline that causes the cylinders to cycle and thereby propels the automobile. This ignition coil, so crucial to your engine, is much like the spark plugs in the fact that it is very easy to work on, provided you already have the know-how. At McKee Mobile, we are very good at determining whether your spark plugs or ignition coil are in need of attention and we are equally skilled at giving it the attention it needs.


Spark Plug Failure

Spark Plug issues, while possible in any vehicle, are especially prone to occurence in older vehicles. This is largely due to the fact that older vehicles tend to be more reliant upon the spark plugs than new models are. The most common spark plug problems are caused by moisture, cold weather, and aging Especially in the winter, spark plugs can become a problem when the engine is over-cranked in an attempt to start and the spark plugs become flooded and ruined.


Replacing Spark Plugs

   Spark Plug Replacement is extremely easy. Just follow these steps if you wish to replace the Spark Plugs yourself:

     1. Disconnect the battery. Very important so you do not get shocked.

     2. Pull the back cord that is plugged into the Spark Plug. Pull hard enough to remove the cord but be sure to pull straight up so as not to tear it.

     3. Unscrew the old Spark Plug. The only potential difficulty here, depending on your vehicle, is finding a good place for your hand as you may not have much room to move.


     4. Screw in the new Spark Plug.


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