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McKee's Mobile Mechanic Cedar City
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Based in Cedar City, Utah, McKee Mobile is ready to come straight to your location for your Auto Repair needs!



Best On-Site Auto Repair in Cedar City, Utah!



When it comes to Auto Repair Services you have two choices:

Go to the Auto Repair Shop 


Let the Auto Repair Shop come to You.


Call McKee Mobile 




 ​​​​​​​No Lines! 

Why take the time to drive or tow your vehicle in and wait in a line to be served? For most auto repair jobs, our fully equipped trucks are just as capable as any brick-and-mortar mechanic shop in the state and are ready to drive directly to your location at your convenience, 24 hours a day!



Broken Down?

McKee Mobile is ready to help you on the roadside when and where you need help most!



Fully Equipped Trucks.

Our trucks are completely prepared to handle a vast array of mechanical and Auto Repair jobs. The trucks are always prepared to hit the road for your roadside needs as soon as you call! For scheduled services, you can count on us to meet you on time and ready to help from the moment we arrive, providing you with quality Auto Repair services!



Safety First!

As we service your vehicles, we will keep in first priority the safety of our customers, their families, and their property. As we service your automobiles, we will keep them as secure and safe as possible. We keep all Safety Equipment maintained and up to date, so each of our customers can rest easy knowing that all our equipment will function without any hazard. Each of our mechanics are highly trained and knowledgeable concerning vehicle maintenance, auto repair, and safety standards of the Mobile Auto Repair Industry. 


Fast Response Time.


Whether it be regular maintenance, roadside emergency, or a scheduled auto repair job, you can count on McKee Mobile to quickly mobilize and provide you the services you need! At McKee Mobile, we understand how frustrating and even overwhelming it can be to be left stranded on the highway, with no way of knowing whether you can afford to solve the issue. Let us help you by providing you prompt, mobile services at the most affordable prices available in Southern Utah! We want to solve your automobile problems and get you back to normal life as soon as possible!


Call McKee Mobile



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