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Based in Cedar City, Utah, McKee Mobile is ready to come straight to your location for your Auto Repair needs!



Engine Tune-Up Cedar City Utah

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Running Smooth

For a reliable, smooth running engine, make sure you are getting engine tune-ups on a regular schedule. With the best Mobile Mechanic in Cedar City, you can set your own schedule to keep your engine running smooth. Quality, Convenience, and Affordability all meet together at McKee Mobile, to keep you happy with a reliable vehicle. 

Sometimes, our engine tune-ups can take an old coughing, sputtering engine and make it purr like a little kitten. Whether you have a small car, a truck or an SUV, a gasoline engine or a diesel engine, we are ready to assist you in all your engine tune-up needs.


The Tune-Up Process

For vehicles with a computer chip, it is the computer and chips that will be engaged in the tune-up for the most part. With older vehicles, the requirements will be things like timing and other small adjustments, If you believe your engine may need a tune-up or you are hearing it make new noises, call McKee Mobile so we can solve your issue before it gets any bigger.


How often should I have a Tune-Up Done?

For older vehicles with a high level of torque, you may need to have a tune-up every couple months. However, most vehicles will do well with a yearly tune-up. The exception is usually when custom modifications have been made to your vehicle. After you have had us do your first one or two tune-ups, we will be able to determine a baseline for how frequently you should expect to have an engine tune-up performed. 


Better Gasoline Mileage


Having your engine tuned up and running smoothly will result in increased gas mileage and will also cause you to use less oil. This is due to the fact that the strain on your engine is greatly reduced when every part is performing its proper, designed function.


Low Cost 

Many untrustworthy mechanics have swindled people out of a small fortune on engine tune-ups. They begin with simple diagnostics, then throw around a few big words and technical terms and before you know it, you're given a large list of items that need to be replaced or repaired.

The truth is that an engine tune-up is an easy process that should not cost too much at all and should not take an overt amount of time. This is, of course, only true in the case of an experienced mechanic with your best interest in mind. At McKee Mobile, we work hard to remain affordable, doing what is best for you and your vehicle without coming up with unneeded costs.

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