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McKee's Mobile Mechanic Cedar City
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Based in Cedar City, Utah, McKee Mobile is ready to come straight to your location for your Auto Repair needs!



Diagnostic Service Cedar City Utah


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Proper View of Diagnostics

Most auto repair shops start out with a completely wrong attitude when it comes to diagnosing your automobile's problems. Most auto repair shops try to find the cause of whatever problem you tell them about. Now, you are probably asking, "What's wrong with that?" The issue is that they are likely trying to spend as much time as possible fixing as few problems as possible, so you will have to come back again as soon as possible. 

At McKee Mobile, we want to find, not only the cause of the problems you tell us about, but we want to make sure there are no other issues that are only a few hundred miles from rearing up. In other words, we want to get you back on the road with no future issues for as long as possible.


No Guessing

At McKee Mobile, our experienced mechanics are able to accurately determine your vehicle's issues. The start of any mechanic work is the diagnostic testing. Older Vehicles will receive troubleshooting techniques, while newer vehicles with computer chips will receive diagnostic testing by means of error codes. Our experienced mechanics are adept at quickly finding the source of your problem and getting you back on the road. We are ready to diagnose your vehicle, whether it be very old or very new!



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