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Based in Cedar City, Utah, McKee Mobile is ready to come straight to your location for your Auto Repair needs!



Brake Replacement and Repair in Cedar City Utah


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The Importance of Brake Replacement and Repair

A vehicle's brakes are one of the most often things taken for granted in a vehicle. They always work just the way you expect them too- until one day they don't. Because of their importance to your safety and the safety of other drivers, we recommend you have your brakes inspected every time you bring your vehicle someplace for repair or maintenance. For the best mobile mechanic in Cedar City, brake systems are almost a default check.


How to Care for your Brake System

If you use McKee Mobile for your regular vehicle maintenance, you can rest assured your brakes are getting all the care they will need. However, a few tips if you would like to maintain your brake system for yourself, are simply to check your brake fluid often, keeping the brake fluid at the proper level, and to make sure they are checked whenever you do go someplace to have your vehicle serviced or repaired. Most auto repair shops will not automatically check your brake system so be sure to ask them specifically. 

Your brake system is often overlooked; but McKee Mobile is able to repair or replace your brake system in virtually any location. This is due to the fact that your brakes are not at all difficult to work on for an experienced mechanic and require a relatively small amount of time and tools to work on. Our brake repair process is extremely efficient and most brake problems can be resolved in only an hour or two, depending upon how much they may have rusted or how much sediment they may have acquired over the years. 


Brake Pads and Rotors

Whether you need Pads, Rotors or both, we are ready to assist you, offering full service brake repair! Each vehicle requires brakes specific to its design, so we are ready at McKee Mobile to analyze and determine the specific needs of your vehicle and get to work solving your brake system issues to get you and your vehicle safely driving again! Our years of experience allow us to quickly determine just exactly what brakes are best for your car, truck or SUV, so that we can provide you with perfectly fitting brakes that will last you as long as possible.


Brake Inspections

If you are unsure of your brake's reliability or if you hear a metal-on-metal or squeaking sound that seems to be coming from your brakes, be sure to give McKee Mobile a call so we can come out and inspect them, giving you an honest appraisal of their soundness. Brake checks are an area of vehicle maintenance where we take pride in being perfectionists. We are able to do any brake replacement or repair that you may need right there on the spot, so that there is no need for you to waste an afternoon going to the Auto Repair Shop.


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